Mar 31, 2020

About Lyon Suisse A.G.

Lyon Suisse A.G. is in the business of trading hard commodities. Our team of experienced investors purchase large quantities of unprocessed Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium in bulk form through various mines around the world, particularly mines located within Africa and Canada. We have established working relationships with these mines and have been working with them for over ten years now. We have also developed beneficial relationships with several precious metal refineries based within the United States, Canada and Europe. We believe in building a strong rapport with both precious metal producers and refiners in furtherance of our long-term objectives. This has given us a substantially competitive edge within our markets.

About Lyon Suisse

Lyon Suisse A.G. actually contracts with various mines to purchase precious metal products at heavily discounted prices. We then establish contract agreements with product refiners to process the raw ore into ingots. We then sell the final product through contracts executed between individuals, banks and financial institutions. Lyon Suisse A.G. enjoys very profitable contracts with multiple security and storage facilities which securely store our inventories for us. These companies are able to hold our metal inventories for physical delivery until sales are ultimately executed and finalized.

Lyon Suisse A.G. has been conducting its business offline for over ten years. During this time we have been primarily funded through capital provided by a closed pool of private investors. Due to recent global economic conditions, the demand for precious metals is at an all time high and increasing rapidly. Recent demand has encouraged Lyon Suisse A.G. to expand its working capital base by offering investors worldwide with an opportunity to participate in our business through the use of our official Internet website.

Through the development and release our official Internet website, Lyon Suisse A.G. has created a very unique opportunity for both novice and experienced investors alike. We invite you to collaborate with us and receive the financial benefits you have been waiting for.